Vowel-Skill Practice for Students
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Once the classification has been assembled, further practice is conducted as follows.

  • Receptive and Expressive Practice:
    • the students "receive" the sound from the teacher and point to the spelling;
    • the teacher points to the spelling and students "express" the sound of the spelling.

  • With control of jaw and tongue, the students say the sounds of the vowel classification in the order:
    ee - i - ae - e - a - u - o - au/aw - oe -

  • Students place the spelling tiles on the vowel assembly with assistance until each student can complete the task easily and independently.
    • Once the vowel assembly can be completed easily and independently, students proceed to written practice in which alternative spellings are also used.

  • The amount of practice needed by an individual student will vary greatly.
  • By learning the classification as the sounds—without sample words—a student will be able to learn the sounds and then resolve confusions in actual words.
  • Deficiencies in knowledge of the vowel system can exist even in high-achieving high-school and college students. Often, these issues are not noticed until the students’ abilities are no longer sufficient to make up for inefficient reading. In these cases, vowel spelling exercises can be completed quickly and result in immediate improvement.
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